Tuesday, December 21, 2010

EcoWaste Coalition tells Filipinos be grateful with recyclers this Christmas

The Ecowaste Coalition on Tuesday called on all Filipino families to say "thank you" to those who reclaim and recycle the discards that our throwaway culture generates in the last few days of merrymaking and partying before Christmas Day finally arrives.

“In this season of giving, let us not forget to thank the waste pickers and other recyclers for doing such a difficult, but extremely beneficial, job,” said Roy Alvarez, president of the EcoWaste Coalition.

“They deserve our utmost respect for their efforts to recover the resources that we so carelessly throw away and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste disposal," Alvarez said.

To show appreciation, EcoWaste Coalition suggests segregating household and workplace discards and giving the clean recyclables directly to community recyclers instead of dumping them all into one garbage can.

The group suggested clearing drawers and cabinets of clutter such as old but still usable clothes, books, school supplies and other necessities which could be given to recyclers as gifts.

“We could also show our appreciation for their services that are too often ignored by sharing home-cooked dishes or desserts with them, or by offering to shoulder the cost of fixing any recycling carts (kariton) that need to be repaired,” said Alvarez.


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