Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eco group urges candidates to lead post-election clean up drive

As voters troop to the polls today for the
Barangay and SK elections, a waste and pollution watchdog called on
all candidates to remove all campaign materials before the stuff
becomes health and environmental hazards.

Environmental network EcoWaste Coalition has criticized the load of
campaign materials the 10-day campaign period has generated.

Barangay and SK candidates used leaflets, stickers, posters, streamers
and buntings to generate voters’ support.

President of EcoWaste Coalition, Roy Alvarez has asked all poll
candidates to remove their campaign material before they become
hazardous to health.

“Win or lose, we appeal to poll candidates to start removing all
banners, posters and other campaign materials from around their
communities,” he said.

Worried that the materials might choke storm drains if not properly
dispose of, the group particularly asked the incoming Barangay
Chairpersons to head start the cleanup drive.

The group also advised the newly-elected Barangay heads to refrain
from putting up ‘thank you’ streamers or banners, instead organize
worthwhile community activities that will contribute in environmental

Leadership in 42,025 barangays across the country are up for grabs in
today’s polls.


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