Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eco groups push for law to stop 'plastic pollution'

Environmental advocates have asked lawmakers
to ratify a law that control the reckless use and disposal of plastic

The EcoWaste Coalition together with other environmental groups have
pushed for a law that would prevent the continuous “plastic pollution”
in the country.

“The push for a robust legislation on plastic bags is totally
justified given the widespread contamination of the environment from
the unabated production, use and disposal of plastic bags,” the group

The groups also appealed to the lawmakers to support the “Ondoy Act”
to end the plastic pollution in the communities.

Among those policies that the groups seek for are the ban of free
plastic bags distribution in commercial establishments; imposition of
plastic bag environmental tax; total ban of the plastic bags; and
prohibition of the importation of plastic bags and other single-use

The group also asked the lawmakers to reinforce the prohibition
against littering, dumping and burning of plastic waste; put up
livelihood programs in the countryside to support the production of
bayong and other reusable bags from native materials; provide
continuing public education on the health, environmental and climate
impacts of plastic bags among others.

The advocates said “plastic bags end up mostly in the seas and
dumpsites where they take a long period of time to break into
miniscule bits of toxic chemicals, polluting the soil and water as
well as the food chain when animals mistake them for food.”

To get the attention of the lawmakers, the Eco groups have put
"LeOndoy," a plastic garbage monster made of used grocery bags, at the
Senate gate to address and remind legislators of the need to “tame the
plastic monster.”

Among those who joined the thrust were the Buklod Tao, Global Alliance
for Incinerator Alternatives, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Kinaiyahan
Foundation, Miss Earth Foundation, Mother Earth Foundation, Philippine
Earth Justice Center and Zero Waste Philippines.


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