Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DENR welcomes help in saving Sierra Madre

Truly, the memory of one of the worst manifestations of nature’s
wrath—the “indescribable anguish, grief and pain” suffered by
many—still lingers in everyone’s heart and mind.

We, at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Calabarzon
Region, welcome Father Montallana’s call to save the Sierra Madre
mountain range. It is also our call. We will appreciate very much the
help of Father Montallana and other clergy, as well as that of the
laity, in saving the Sierra Madre.

We would like to assure Father Montallana that we are doing the best
we can to address the degradation of Sierra Madre. We have been
intensifying our campaign against illegal logging. Our campaign from
2009 up to today resulted in the apprehension of a still sizeable
volume of lumber and equipment. No less than the National Law
Enforcement Coordinating Committee (NALECC) recognized the DENR
Regional Office’s efforts as the “Best Sub-Committee on Law
Enforcement for Luzon for 2009.”

The DENR is not just concerned with the southern Sierra Madre. Our
regional office also coordinated with counterpart agencies in curbing
the transport of illegal forest products, coming from as far as the
northern Sierra Madre, using the eastern coast facing the Pacific
Ocean. In coordination with the Philippine Navy, we intercepted a
motorized banca towing logs in the high seas of Lamon Bay.

But we also recognize that the confiscation of illegal logs, forest
products coming from there will not save the Sierra Madre. We need
everybody’s help—the clergy, the laity, the local government units,
the peoples’ organizations, the indigenous peoples’ groups, everyone.

The people of Real, Infanta and General Nakar or Reina area at the
heart of the southern Sierra Madre—site of another unforgettable
episode—have bonded, discussed, debated, decided to come up with an
integrated environmental management plan and bury that haunting
episode. Reina’s clergy, the barangay and municipal local government
units, peoples’ organizations, the Agta, Dumagat indigenous peoples’
groups and environmental non-government organizations have teamed up
to implement and promote a healthy environment in that part of the
Sierra Madre.

It is our ardent hope, and we are sure Father Montallana’s as well,
that we all help and do our share to promote a healthy environment not
only in the Sierra Madre, not only in the Calabarzon but all
throughout the country.


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