Monday, January 31, 2011

Muntinlupa City ban

Sando bags (those with handles) used as primary packaging materials for dry goods

Materials without handles or those usually used in the wet market for fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, drinks and other goods

All other plastic bags


No business establishment shall use Styrofoam/styrophor and other similar materials as containers for food, produce and other products

No business establishments shall offer or sell plastic bags to be used as primary or secondary packaging material on dry goods.

Discarded plastic bags and other similar plastic waste materials must be cleaned and dried before submission to barangays for proper collection and disposal.


P500 for the first offense

P1,000 for the second offense

P2,500 for the third offense and/or imprisonment of not more than six months upon the discretion of the court.

Business establishments found violating the law also face a one-year cancellation of their license to operate


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