Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EcoWaste goes to Lim

GREEN group EcoWaste Coalition yesterday appealed to Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim to stop community leaders in Pandacan and Tondo from hanging up disposable plastic decorations and buntings along streets to mark the feast of the Santo Niño on Sunday, saying it could only contribute to the country’s waste problem.

"The imprudent use of new thin-film plastic bags as fiesta buntings, which are surely doomed to the dumpsite after the festivities, is not acceptable amid the garbage and climate woes that the nation is trying to come to grips with," said EcoWaste president Roy Alvarez.

"We therefore appeal to Mayor Lim and other city officials to intervene, support, and echo our environmental appeal to their constituents for a greener fiesta. If Manila will initiate measures to control and eliminate wasteful fiesta habits, we are certain that the entire country will take notice and follow suit," he added.

The group sought Lim’s intervention after monitoring various barangays in Pandacan which had started decorating streets and alleys with "banderitas" yesterday.

According to the EcoWaste’s Basura Patrol, some residents in Pandacan told them that some 55,000 pieces of red plastic bags were used to decorate a portion of Narciso Street while 46,000 pieces of plastic bags were used in Talundon, Adolfo, and Laura Streets.

If fiesta organizers are really keen in putting up banderitas, EcoWaste suggested the use of environment and climate-friendly alternatives that can be washed, stored, and reused such as buntings made from fabric scraps. The group also implored politicians to refrain from putting up "happy fiesta" that only add to the garbage all around.


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