Monday, October 11, 2010

Public urged to observe a waste-free ‘undas’

A Catholic prelate joined an alliance of
environmental advocates in urging the public to truly honor the dead
by celebrating a waste-free ‘undas’.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias S. Iñiguez, Jr. asked the public to think
also of the living while they remember their dead.

This they can do by reducing noise and air pollution and cutting back on trash.

“We join the EcoWaste Coalition in exhorting the faithful to think
about the environment of the living when remembering our dearly
departed,” Iñiguez said.

The EcoWaste Coalition, a network of more than 100 groups said the
beautiful tradition of remembering the dead become a “huge garbage
challenge” as insensitive visitors leave their trash around.

“Please cut back on garbage, noise and air pollution for a healthier
environment for all,” Iñiguez, who also heads the Public Affairs
Committee of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines,

Coalition president Roy Alvarez said the cemeteries which are
“supposedly hallowed burial sites” are instantly transformed into
dumpsites during All Saints Day and All Souls Day because of the huge
amount of trash left behind by visitors.

“Let us respect the dead and not desecrate the cemeteries with trash,”
Alvarez pleaded.

“The fragile state of the earth’s climate should rouse us into
simplifying our rituals and make do with less candles, flowers, meals
and definitely less plastic disposables,” he added.

Alvarez said that with less trash “we also curb the climate impact of
our memorial day for the dead, increase the recovery and recycling of
resources and lessen the amount of trash going into the dumpsites.”


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