Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Proposal seeks to make illegal use of plastic bags in Sorsogon

A board member of Sorsogon has proposed an
ordinance to ban the use of plastic bags in the province and encourage
the use of recyclable materials for packaging.

The proposal, submitted by Board Member Vladimir Ramon Frivaldo, would
be studied by the Sorsogon provincial board.

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal in Sorsogon to use
plastic bags in grocery stores, department stores and retail stores.

Frivaldo, who claims to be an environmentalist, said plastic bags and
other materials clog river channels in the province, causing floods
during rainy days.

He said his proposed measure would allow the use of only reusable bags
in stores. The resolution would require stores to recycle plastic bags
or charge customers a fee for every bag.

“It’s one smart thing we can do to our environment,” Frivaldo said.
The proposed ordinance carries penalties ranging from fines to
outright cancellation of business permits.

The first offense would merit a warning. The second offense carries a
P3,000 fine.


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