Monday, October 25, 2010

Pick pro-environment Barangay and SK bets, voters urged

With only two days away to the Barangay ang
Sangguniang Kabataan polls, an environmental network urged voters to
choose candidates who are pro-environment.

EcoWaste Coalition president Roy Alvarez said what the country needs
at present are “grassroots leaders who will take up the cudgels for
our fragile environment.”

“We need women and men who will lead our communities to the path of
sustainability and ensure that the earth’s resources are faithfully
cared for,” he said.

Alvarez said the Barangay and SK leaders as public servants “have a
great role to play in the fulfilment of the community task of
protecting and conserving the environment amid the changing climate.”

“Now more than ever, we need non-corrupt public servants who will
clean up our streets and rivers of garbage, halt toxic pollution,
plant trees and guard our mountains against destructive activities
such as logging, mining and dumping,” he added.

He urged voters to consider the environmental track record and
platform of candidates and not be swayed by the candidates’ looks,
popularity and resources.

Citing the grave problem of waste management in many barangays, the
EcoWaste Coalition said the newly-elected Barangay and SK leaders
should find solutions to the problem of waste disposal.

“Zero Waste is the most practical community action that Barangay and
SK councils can initiate and carry out, together with residents, to
promote ecological community values, conserve resources, stop the
discharge of climate damaging pollutants and boost local economies,”
the group said.


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