Monday, October 11, 2010

Keep ‘undas’ clean and green: EcoWaste

WASTE and pollution watchdog EcoWaste Coalition yesterday called on
the public to keep cemeteries and surrounding communities "clean and
green" on All Saints/All Souls Days.

"The beautiful tradition of remembering the dead has become a huge
garbage challenge with the supposedly hallowed burial sites instantly
turning into dumpsites by insensitive visitors," said EcoWaste
president Roy Alvarez. "Through a waste-free ‘undas,’ we also curb the
climate impact of our memorial day for the dead, increase the recovery
and recycling of resources and lessen the amount of trash going into
the dumpsites."

For cemetery administrators, Ecowaste suggested carrying out a
recycling program within their sites by providing separate bins for
biodegradable and non-biodegradable discards; and integrating the
ecological management of discards in vendor rules and regulations.

The group said vendors should not give away plastic disposables like
bags, straws, cups and other single-use plastic items; serve food and
beverage in reusable glasses and mugs, plates and cutlery; and sweep
their assigned spaces of trash.

The general public, Ecowaste said, should not burn grass, plant
cuttings and garbage piles; walk, bike, carpool, or take public
transport to cemeteries; select clean-burning candles; offer fresh
flowers not plastic ones; avoid bottled water; put meals in reusable
containers; cut waste size and always put discards in bins.


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