Thursday, November 4, 2010

Candidates told: ‘Clean up your mess’

ENVIRONMENT group EcoWaste Coalition yesterday appealed to candidates
in the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections to properly dispose
of their campaign materials.

"Sooner or later, these materials will degenerate into health and
environmental hazards, turning into garbage, blocking storm drains or
falling onto innocent motorists or pedestrians," said Roy Alvarez,
EcoWaste president.

Despite the limited campaign period of only 10 days, Alvarez said
candidates still used tons of paper and plastic campaign materials
that could add to the trash clogging esteros and other waterways.

He said garbage volume doubles during elections.

Alvarez said candidates could save campaign materials that could be recycled.

"Banners and posters made of tarpaulin, for instance, can be sewn into
reusable bags and other functional items such as aprons, stuff
organizers and as containers for common household and workplace
recyclables such as papers, bottles, cans and plastics," he said.

Alvarez said that recycling campaign discards could bring "real"
benefits to communities, such as garbage disposal savings, greenhouse
gas emission cuts, and healthier barangays with reduced trash.

He appealed to winning candidates not to put up "thank you" tarpaulins
which he said would only add to "post-election garbage woes."

"In lieu of boring and plastic signage, please say thank you by
organizing street, market or estero cleanup or tree-planting
activities involving your constituents," he said.

Alvarez said barangay chairmen are mandated to head the Barangay Solid
Waste Management Committee which, among others, is responsible for
drawing up and implementing a waste plan, including the establishment
of a materials recovery facility to promote recycling.


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