Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EcoWaste Coalition welcomes MMDA’s renewed drive vs litterbugs

A group campaigning for a “litter-free
Pilipinas” welcomed the decision by the Metro Manila Development
Authority (MMDA) to revive an anti-littering policy that has been
dormant for years.

The EcoWaste Coalition, in a statement, said that the move to
resuscitate MMDA Regulation No. 96-009 as amended by MMDA Regulation
No. 99-006 should strengthen the agency’s operations, in collaboration
with local government units (LGUs), to clear the streets and waterways
of trash.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino vowed recently to implement the ban on
littering, dumping and disposal of trash in public places as embodied
in the said regulation that penalizes violators with a fine of P500 to
P1,000 or a corrective community service.

“We seek and support the earnest enforcement of R.A. 9003 and related
ordinances and measures by the MMDA and the 17 LGUs to curb
indiscriminate waste disposal and encourage environmental stewardship
among Metro Manila residents,” said Roy Alvarez, President, EcoWaste

R.A. 9003, or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, promotes
waste avoidance and volume reduction, separation of discards at
source, reuse, recycling, composting and other best practices in waste
management sans incineration.

“Littering affects everyone even those who litter,” said Alvarez. “We
all suffer from this filthy habit that chokes storm drains and
triggers disruptive and health-threatening flashfloods,” he said.

“A crackdown on litterbugs is justified in order to safeguard the
public health, safety and welfare,” Alvarez pointed out.

“Launching a litter-free Metro Manila campaign is a meaningful way to
observe the first anniversary of Ondoy’s epic flood, which falls
within the Creation Month, and affirm our environmental
responsibility,” he suggested.

“Christians from various denominations mark September as the Creation
Month to remind the faithful about our relationship with Mother Nature
and our shared mission to respect and care for her,” he added.

As the EcoWaste Coalition urges the government and people to make the
metropolis and the whole country litter-free, the group issued a list
of 10 friendly reminders for all caring Filipinos to consider to
foster cleaner and healthier communities:

1. Set a good example, especially for kids, by not littering;
discourage others from doing so by politely explaining the effects of

2. Reduce your waste size, separate and reuse your discards, recycle
the non-biodegradables and compost the organics.

3. Do not throw hazardous discards such as mercury-containing lamps
into regular trash.

4. Do not leave your trash out by the road for collection.

5. Avoid using plastic bags and other single-use disposable items that
only add to our mounting garbage; choose reusables.

6. Hold on to your rubbish such as bus tickets, food wrappers and
cigarette filters, until you have found a waste bin.

7. Do not throw litter out of cars. Place a litter bag in your vehicle
to collect your trash until a bin is available.

8. For chewing gum consumers: “you chew it, you must bin it.”

9. For smokers: “don’t just drop cigarette butt, bin it.”

10. For pet owners: “don’t give your dog a bad name, pick up after them.”


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